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We Provide an unparalleled
Commitment to our partners

CRONNX Financing helps businesses like yours to

Obtain Capital For:

Growth and Expansion


Working Capital

Payoff outstanding debt

Purchase equipment

Commercial Real Estate

Our long-term vision is to create a lasting relationship with all our funding partners. Our ISO’s inspire us to strive to provide them with all the tools necessary to help them achieve their financial goals and prosper.

As a leading funding solutions provider, we cater to small and medium size business’s with temporary cash flow needs. CRONNX Capital has been decisive in assisting Business Owners through challenging financial situations to enable them to focus on the growth and development of their business.


Our Financing Options:

Business Cash Advance

A short term revenue based cash advance solution. Funding available in 24-48 hours 3-12 Month terms, up to $750,000

Bridge Loans

A financing option that serves as a source of funding until you get permanent financing or pay off debt.

Term Loans

Up to $7.5 Million
12% 18% Interest annually
6-36 month loan terms
3 weeks from day of submission to funding.

Commercial Real Estate

For more information on our commercial real estate programs please call your business development representative


We offer clients a comprehensive range of resources for our financial products, ensuring easy access to information, personalized assistance, and educational materials to support their financial goals.

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Our funding products are designed to meet the needs of ISOs and their clients, including options for Growth and Expansion, Acquisitions, Working Capital, Payoff Outstanding Debt, Purchase Equipment, Commercial Real Estate.

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Empowering Partnerships, Accelerating Success
CRONNX, where innovative funding solutions meet unparalleled support for Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). As a stalwart in the alternative lending space, our commitment is to fuel business growth by providing direct funding solutions that are as dynamic as the businesses we serve.

Why choose CRONNX?

At CRONNX, we provide direct funding solutions for ISOs to help them focus on what they do best serving their clients. Our funding products are designed to meet the specific needs of ISOs and their clients, providing them with a reliable and efficient alternative lending solution.

Focusing on our commitment to serve our partners has made CRONNX the preferred choice for Financial Advisors. Our team is dedicated to serve you in the best possible manner.

  • Borrower retention department
  • Contracts via Docusign
  • Approvals regardless of credit score
  • Expeditious funding process
  • Portal for deal tracking
  • Minimal paperwork required
  • Funding in all 50 states
  • Syndication opportunities available
  • Custom made financing offers
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Easy and flexible re-payment

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